One of the currently most important methods of attracting new customers is through search engines. In a month over 60 billions of searches are made over the world and over half of them are consumer related. This makes it crucial for your webshop to get a good placement, in order to increase your sales.

A big part of the secret behind a good search result lies in the technical platform. Google and other search engines constantly evolve new methods of evaluating content and you’ll need to join the ride. As an Vaimo customer and through Magento, you get a search engine optimized webshop from the start. Magento guarantees you the best search routes possible for every product. On top of that, every product and category receive unique titles, meta tags and key words. Should you choose to present your store in multiple languages, this is also fully supported in the search engine optimisation.

Magento’s search engine optimisation means more visitors to your webshop through organic searches, which means more customers to less marketing costs. Contact us and we’ll tell you more about the importance of an e-commerce platform completely designed with search engines in mind.

Key functions

  • Clear URL’s for all pages
  • Meta handling for all contents pages
  • Automatically generated page titles
  • Automatically generated sitemap
  • SEO friendly, customer generated content
  • Integration with Google Analytics, Google Sitemap, Google Base and Google Website Optimizer
  • Integration towards the blog platform WordPress