BRENDAN PEO, COO and Vaimo Board Member

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Brendan considers himself to be an introvert - although contrary to the belief of his colleagues, friends and family - and is definitely a foodie at heart. He is known for his taste for South African wine and meat, as well as conducting challenging gastronomic experiments in his home kitchen. In fact Brendan loves taking on all kinds of challenges, especially in sporting activities. He is currently involved in an annual sporting competition where 3 friends compete against each other in 10 events. More about this on

At Vaimo Brendan's most important goal is expanding our global footprint with the aim of creating maximum value for our stakeholders. Brendan has vast experience in exporting business solutions into Africa, South and North America as well as South East Asia; and operating offices in South -Africa, Australia, US, Canada and Singapore. Since joining Vaimo, he has leveraged this diverse international business experience to take Vaimo's brand and skills to markets including United Kingdom, South Africa, Finland and Norway. It's also worth noting that, in record time, he managed to  successfully establish Vaimo UK and make them one of the top 3 solutions providers in the market. 

Thanks to his formidable know-how, he is able to execute growth strategies and tackle any problem relating to expansion while at the same time keeping the ball rolling and constantly improving on performance measures and internal operations. His keen interest in keeping the company run smoothly, has also brought about some very appreciated party games and added an  overall sense of collectiveness to the company culture. 

His input and contributions can also be seen when looking at the overall company evolvement  - Brendan has been a firm believer and a key driver behind transforming Vaimo from a technical service provider to a value driven consulting company that is focused on increasing our customers KPI-s. Since Brendan understands business operations with ease and is able to recommend improvements and solve problems quickly, he is very often referred to as the Fireman. 

Combining his vast experience and strong understanding of technology, finance, sales and negotiation as well as marketing and project management has allowed Brendan to help guide Vaimo to 11 consecutive quarters of double digit growth as a member of the board. He is a guy who just has to achieve his targets! 

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