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David Holender is one of the three founding members of Vaimo - he started the company in 2008 together with PJ Utsi and Staffan Palopää. 

While being the CEO and forging many strong partnerships to expand the Magento eco-system, he has acted as the protagonist behind Vaimo's rapid growth. His focus on business development and his ability to see the bigger picture has helped to shape Vaimo into one of the leading global Magento solution providers it is today. 

During his time in Vaimo David has successfully negotiated and sold hundreds of e-commerce projects. He has been irreplaceable during negotiations with some of the largest and most lucrative internet retailers in the Nordics. Moreover, he has managed to stay on top of important KPI's and balance the growth of all departments remarkably, resulting in fruits like high growth rate, good profit and low staff turnover. 

David has an exceptional ability to act as a bridge between the technological and business worlds. His vast knowledge of ERP (Enterprise Recourse Planning) and business processes has made him well aware of the challenges businesses deal with every day. At the same time, his experience in IT helps to decipher the complicated developer talk into something business managers can understand and relate to. Thanks to this, he often works together with the key members of Vaimo's sales team, supporting them in finding the right solutions to the clients needs.

David (like most people here at Vaimo) loves playing sports. He is especially passionate about soccer but also loves playing badminton and does occasionally enjoy diving and wall climbing. He is a father of two boys and one of his favourite downtime activities is reading books. 

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