HENRIK FELD-JAKOBSEN - Country Manager at Vaimo Denmark

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Henrik is Vaimo Denmark's Country Manager. He manages all operations in the two Danish Vaimo offices in Copenhagen and in Kolding and ensures that efficiency, quality, and client satisfaction are met across both offices. Henrik was the CEO of Customerwise, Denmark's leading Magento solution provider, for 7 years before the company was acquired by Vaimo in January 2016. He now works on developing Vaimo Denmark to conquer the Danish eCommerce market and spends time with clients as part of an eCommerce strategy team. Henrik also fosters Vaimo's company culture, positive atmosphere and ensures that Vaimo Denmark Vaimoers are happy. 

Henrik has worked with Magento since 2010 and possesses extensive insight into the world of eCommerce with a background in retail. The Magento whiz has established eCommerce on a strategic and operational level for companies such as Georg Jensen and Sport24. A natural leader, Henrik hones his skills in his work with clients to identify stakeholders and to better understand what drives an organisation and push digital transformations and results. 

In his off-time, the Henrik spends time with his partner, their young son, and two dogs. Henrik is also engaged in several advisory boards in the public sector that focus on entrepreneurship. The avid reader is a biography enthusiast, and is always eager to delve into a new volume about a great leader or organisations. Henrik's secret passion is Legos, and he is excited to involve his son in his hobby, just as soon as he gets a bit older.

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