KJETIL SCHØLD HANSEN - Managing Director at Vaimo Norway

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As the Managing Director of Vaimo Norway, Kjetil leads the Vaimo office in Oslo with gusto and good cheer. Kjetil takes care of key procedures such as implementing market strategy, supporting the development of Vaimo's products and services and conducting best business practices. He is also focused on recruitment to keep up with the growing demand of the eCommerce market in Norway. Kjetil manages Vaimo's image in the Norwegian market and also dabbles in project management when an extra hand is needed. His vast experience in business management, sales, and marketing has given Kjetil a strong foundation that has helped him cultivate and lead Vaimo Norway to success, with clients such as HP Norway, Kolonihagen, Bauhaus Norway, Cover Brands, and Super Sport.

In university, Kjetil studied business administration and leadership. After his studies, he spent eleven years as a consultant, where he gained extensive knowledge in the fields of marketing, analytics, and eCommerce. In 2002, he became one of the first few Google adwords professionals in Norway. For three years, Kjetil has also sat on the board of a national volunteer organisation of marketing professionals, brasok.no, that focuses on SEO and SEM in Norway.

Perhaps it is Kjetil's personal characteristic of always being in a good mood that has created the great team spirit and the warm atmosphere of the Norway office. Kjetil tries to motivate his colleagues and keep the team spirit high at all times. In business, he is solution-oriented, but as a manager, he always tries to be fair and transparent. When Kjetil is not busy winning a new client for Vaimo Norway, he can most likely be found with his family. Kjetil's "favourite waste of time" is playing rock music on his base guitar with his friends in his studio. 

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