KRISTER LENMAN, CFO and Vaimo Board Member

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Krister is one of the most competitive spirits in Vaimo's team of sports fanatics. His hand-eye coordination is top notch so he really loves playing golf, tennis, table tennis and badminton. To be fair, his luck isn't too shabby either - he has won a lot of raffles in his time with prizes like a trip to Bora Bora back in 2012 from Magento global event 'Imagine' in Las Vegas. To the credit of his brilliant mind however, is his stable winning performance in the Swedish version of the renowned international television show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" to name a few. 

We can safely say that Krister is also one of the people contributing to Vaimo's Sami heritage by being born close to the Arctic Circle and spending most of his childhood summers fishing in the Lappish mountains. Nowadays he lives in a suburb of Stockholm with his wife and two beautiful daughters.

Krister oversees Vaimo Group's finances and is also a Partner Manager for Vaimo's international distributors. His analytical mind and careful planning have made it possible for Vaimo to grow and expand while maintaining financial integrity. Analysing global economy and keeping an eye on the movements of international finance markets has been his intense interest and hobby since early adulthood. As a finance specialist he understands and knows business processes and numbers like the back of his hand. Krister possesses impressive insights into international business management and has a superb grasp of Enterprise Recourse Planning (ERP).   

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