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Markus is Vaimo's Head of Sales and yes, you guessed it, he is very good at communication and negotiation. Markus manages our direct sales as well as sales that come through our partners. He's an innovator at heart and thus likes to push boundaries. He headed the development department of EY (previously known as Ernst & Young) and also managed the rollout of their online sales concept, proving he has the skills to initiate and successfully finish demanding projects.

With his great people skills as well as sales and ERP expertise, he has managed to become a real mentor to the rest of the sales team here at Vaimo. He knows the importance of creating an environment with team spirit and a dash of fun in order to reach the full potential of his colleagues. He has a technical mind which helps him focus on showcasing our superior solutions whilst, at the same time, explaining the complex software to the customer with ease. 

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