PJ UTSI, CCO and Co-Founder

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PJ is a technically adept online business professional with a passion for great products. A natural leader and an enthusiastic tech evangelist. Driven and creative.

PJ loves focusing on new customers and gets especially excited about the retail industry. In order to attract exciting clients and convince them of Vaimo's excellence, PJ has a hand in basically everything we do here.

His Specialties are - Magento, e-commerce, online user experience, business intelligence, operative and analytical CRM, sales and marketing automation, product development, online/permission/direct marketing, customer loyalty, customer retention, customer performance management, online gaming, B2C sales, B2B sales.

PJ has also wide experience from different web-based industries such as web design, web development, email marketing, online gambling, online sales, customer relationship management, customer retention/acquisition, business intelligence etc.  

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