ROBIN CARLSSON - Country Manager at Vaimo UK

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Robin is from a small Northern town called Skellefteå in Sweden, known mostly for its great hockey team. He's a health and fitness enthusiast and a big time film buff. In late nineties a friend introduced him to Geocities and Macromedia Dreamweaver and he was, of course, instantly hooked.

Being a person of great entrepreneurial spirit, he started his own business in 2007 doing freelance web development for small and medium sized companies in North Sweden. He soon found himself working closely together with other agencies in the area, one in particular that he also shared offices with was GEM Reklambyrå.

Robin has taken the experience of surviving as a one-man-show - needing to take care of sales, project management and web development but also account management and support - and transferred all of the knowledge to leading and managing Vaimo UK. 

As a Country Manager he is responsible for managing key operations within the United Kingdom for the Vaimo Group. These responsibilities include executing the market strategy, contributing strategically to the growth and direction of Vaimo's products and services along with recruiting skilled employees to meet with increasing demand. 

With his experience in sales and business management, project delivery strategy, resource management and Agile software development - Robin has guided his the team in to a top position in the UK market. Since starting at Vaimo, he has successfully managed several large projects for customers such as; Pavers, GANT France, GANT Norway, GANT Netherlands, GANT Germany, Ridestore, Rose & Born and others. 

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