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Staffan was raised as a Sami reindeer herder in the mountains of northern Sweden, where he spent most of his time trying to keep up with the reindeer herds and became superhumanly fit as a result. Staffan manoeuvred the long, harsh winters on skis, and used the summertime to practise his running skills. Nowadays, Staffan can be found running around Stockholm, while he (possibly) dreams of his reindeer-chasing glory days. Feel free to connect with Staffan on Runkeeper, as he loves a challenge!

After discovering c64 and beginning to learn programming at the age of 12, Staffan knew he would one day work in software development. In 2008, he co-founded Vaimo and took on the role of CTO. Staffan's responsibility at Vaimo is to support both the Development and Products & Tools departments with coordinating their efforts. This way, he makes sure that Vaimo's clients feel satisfied with the quality and productivity of the Vaimo development team.

Since Staffan has prior experience in working as a developer and a consultant in both small startups and large corporations, he stresses the importance of developing great leadership relations within the organisation. Staffan is fantastic at dealing with the challenges of a growing organisation, which include scaling agile methodologies, establishing solid HR procedures and supporting managers who are fairly new in their positions.

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