YURIY FEDORONCHUK - Director of Business Operations

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Yuriy is our Director of Business Operations, and his responsibilities include supporting the service and delivery processes for the whole company. Yuriy ensures that cooperation between various teams and departments happens seamlessly and he works to increase the transparency of responsibility with cross-communication. All Vaimo departments that are involved in project delivery are directly guided and coordinated by Yuriy.

When he isn't facilitating the collaboration between Vaimo markets and making sure deliveries exceed client expectations, Yuriy enjoys traveling and fishing with his wife, and yes, going to the gym. His peers describe him as kind and reliable person, so although he doesn't have kids yet, he'll probably make a great dad one day. 

He was born in Frankivsk,Western Ukraine, into a family of engineers, so Yuriy's always had a great network of technical knowledge behind him. At a relatively young age, Yuriy established a distinguished career for himself before joining Vaimo. 

At Vaimo, Yuriy has been a valuable part of developing company strategies for restructuring, establishing business processes from scratch, recruiting and managing staff, calculating and executing budgets, implementing pricing policy, and more. Yuriy's way of establishing connections with future partners and clients as well as maintaining relations with existing ones instills trust and confidence in Vaimo. 

His experience in logistics, sales and marketing, as well as operations and HR, has given Yuriy a solid foundation for forming Vaimo's Ukraine office and leading it to success. Yury is definitely a get-the-job-done type of person, with an open mind and a "why-not attitude." His way of making all people in his team feel that they are a part of the common cause is amicable - Yuriy always tries to bring a bit of life into the business he conducts.  

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