About Adyen

Adyen is a leading global multichannel payment company offering businesses a fully outsourced payment solution, that enables merchants to accept payments from anywhere in the world. Adyen has more than 15 years of industry experience in running high-volume payment systems. Adyen supports different sales channels, including online, mobile and Point-of-Sale, and can process over 220 different payment methods across six continents. The solution is highly scalable and can be customized to meet specific merchant requirements. 

Adyen provides payment services for over 3000 merchants, including Vodafone, Mango, KLM Airlines, Badoo, Getty Images, MusicNotes, Greenpeace, PopCap, Benetton, Soundcloud, Superdry to name a few.


Using Adyen With Magento

The Adyen Magento plugin is a proven solution used by many merchants worldwide. By activating the plugin within Magento, you get access to over 220 worldwide payment methods offered by Adyen, varying from credit card to alternative payment methods. Adyen has not only built the integration to Magento, but they are also maintaing and providing support for it. 

Adyen has also developed most of the supporting functions like handling refunds/returns/tokens to offer a richer payment gateway solution that can save you a lot of time.


Vaimo customers using Adyen payment solutions: Gant, Eleganz, Ice Locker, IJP Design

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