Two members of Vaimo’s development team, Malin Klingsell and Simon Kjellberg, have received the Magento credential by passing the Magento’s Certified Front End Developer exam.

Magento Front End Developer Certification (FEDC) verifies that professional front-end developer has the skills and experience to implement user interface-related changes on Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition websites.

Magento front end developers work with the backend developers to implement new features and feature customizations, but their main focus is on modifying the user interface (UI) of existing functionality. Front end developers need to be familiar with basic Magento skills, including the use of the admin panel, directory structure, request flow, and rendering/layout functionality.

“The test consisted of 193 questions and we had 4 hours to complete it. One definitely needs experience with Magento to pass the test. You need to feel comfortable with Magento front end, such as layout of XML, folder structure, fallback structure as well as with front end code in general. You also need to read the study guide and look up things you are uncertain about” says Klingsell.

“We are very proud of Malin and Simon passing the exam. This is a very important add on to Vaimo’s current list of certifications and brings the company’s total number of Magento Certified developers to 10. Vaimo wants to continue to be at the very top when it comes to providing professional and good service to its customers and therefore encourages its developers to keep their skills and knowledge up to date”, says David Holender, CEO of Vaimo.

Staffan Palopää (CTO at Vaimo) and Simon Kjellberg are part of Magento’s Advisory board, which was created to bring together experts from across the global Magento community to establish measurable criteria that demonstrates platform expertise. Both Staffan and Simon worked with others in Advisory board to create the blueprint for the front-end certification examination, audit and modify the proposed test questions and write new questions for the exam.

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