Aptus International, a global information and communication technology (ICT) company with its head office in Brisbane, Australia, and infrastructure across South Africa, Mozambique and Canada has formed a strategic alliance with Vaimo, a leading Europeanbased eCommerce solutions provider. This exciting partnership has been formed to offer companies in Australia and Canada with a wide range of eCommerce solutions based on Vaimo’s eCommerce expertise, the globally endorsed Magento platform and Aptus’ customer-centric approach to the creation and integration of tailor-made ICT solutions designed to enhance business growth.

“The number of local businesses revisiting their online strategy is increasing exponentially”

says Aptus’s Australia CEO, Chris Spies.

“If one looks at the global trends towards shopping on-line, Australia’s online retail share currently sits at between 2-3% of the retail market. If one considers that similarly positioned markets across the U.S and Europe currently chose to shop online between 7-9% of the time, we can realistically expect massive growth if we deliver what the Australian market is clearly lacking”

continues Spies.

Through the successful development and deployment of over 300 Magento eCommerce sites globally, Vaimo has established itself as one of Magento’s leading solution providers and one of very few organisations to carry gold certification internationally. This level of certification is reserved for relationships considered particularly strategic to Magento.

“This ultimately assures local organisations that the Vaimo offering goes beyond simply enabling merchants to sell online”

explains Spies.

“By virtue of this strategic partnership, we are able to deliver Vaimo’s extensive range of enhanced eCommerce solutions to the Australian market well ahead of the current curve. This further entrenches the Aptus ethos of maximising innovative, high-level technologies that empower our clients with effortless and effective solutions to grow their business”

continues Spies.

With knowledge garnered from designing, implementing and managing more than 300 eCommerce sites, as well as developing and customising more than 2000 add-ons, it was only a matter of time before Vaimo expanded its growing global reach into the exciting Australian market.

“The growth rate of online retail sales is impossible to ignore. Wherever you go today, you see traditional sales channels buckling under the pressure, their numbers slowing to a crawl. In contrast, the online environment is booming, delivering double digit growth in mature eCommerce environments such as the USA (2011 – 13 %) and Europe (2011 – 18 %). And Australia’s growth potential is even more promising. Australia’s online retail numbers grew 29 % in 2011 and we expect these numbers to grow by at least 60 % by 2016”

explains Vaimo COO, Brendan Peo.

Vaimo Australia was formed when Vaimo discovered Aptus’s prime position as a company which has invested significantly in hosted environments around Australia and New Zealand. Boasting expert knowledge in Cloud computing, as well as two data centres in Brisbane and Places of Presence (PoP’s) in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, Vaimo Australia is perfectly positioned to accelerate their e-commerce delivery into a hungry Australasian market.

“We recognised Aptus’s ability to develop a niche reseller network for the delivering of best-in-class eCommerce solutions to the Australian market. We are looking forward to the partnership between Aptus and Vaimo”

says Peo.

Built around Magento’s open-source platform, Vaimo’s solutions are easy to use, quick to deploy and deliver on customer requirements at a fraction of the time and cost commonly experienced with proprietary e-commerce solutions. Additionally, their solutions are configured to integrate seamlessly into a wide range of popular business systems including Sage ERP X3, SAP B1, Microsoft Dynamics and Enterprise by HansaWorld.

“The strategic partnership in the local market has already generated considerable interest…from businesses seeking a solution to their eCommerce aspirations, ICT providers looking to expand their portfolios and online solution providers looking to boost the effectiveness of their own offerings. We are planning to organize a number of joint seminars and webinars in order to popularize and promote the Magento solution”

continues Spies.


Established in 1999, Aptus boasts a global footprint of eleven offices spanning three continents. Aptus has an integrative approach and offers a range of services that dovetail to form solutions finely tailored towards each client’s particular requirements. These services encompass private Cloud computing (SaaS, IaaS, DRaaS, eCommerce platforms), communication (WAN, UC and secure internet), people management (ICT contract staff), digital creative (web design, development, copywriting and SEO services) and business (project) consulting – all underpinned by innovative technology and superior levels of customer service.

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