Conversion Jam #5 – Optimising your Business for Growth
A few people from Vaimo attended the Conversion Jam #5 in Stockholm on September 1st, where they listened to international experts share knowledge on conversion and optimisation. Despite the name of the conference, the main topic concerned developing your business for growth by optimising your site rather than purchasing traffic and consequently creating more sales. Top speakers included Niel Patel (Kissmetrics), Peep Laja (ConversionXL), Oli Gardner (Unbounce), Angie Schottmuller (Forbes top 10 marketer) and André Morys (Web arts).
Håkan Jonsson, Vaimo's eCommerce Strategy Department Manager, noted that the event focused on optimising your business for growth and less on improving your conversion rates. Various speakers advised on using a combination of technical, heuristic, digital, and mouse-tracking analysis, as well as qualitative surveys and user testing. They also cautioned against copying successful sites, such as Amazon, as issues are often very site-specific. The main pages should be reviewed for relevancy, clarity, distractions, and usability and they should ideally offer enough motivation for the customer to complete the purchase. Also, it's important to discover what motivates customers to purchase- whether it's a behaviour, a brand, or a habit. One should utilise the desired emotions of the visitors beneficially, as emotions most often lead to actions. Finally, before making changes to your site, you should determine whether the changes will alter the visitor behaviour positively. Find out more about the Conversion Jam 2015 in their Youtube promotional video. Keep an eye on their site, as they will post links for the presentations soon.


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