Creditsafe is the market leader in the supply of business information to the e-commerce industry with extensive experience in providing fully integrated solutions. We can help your business develop more efficient flows, increase conversion rates and improve credit control– minimising your exposure to risk.

Creditsafe is well-known for its smart and functional solutions that make it easy to get valuable credit intelligence information at all times throughout the business process. Creditsafe provide credit information directly from its web platform or via customised integrated solutions.

Creditsafe is part of the Creditsafe Group, the world's most used supplier of company credit reports. With over 70,000 customers worldwide, Creditsafe offer both small businesses and large multinational companies a full range of credit and marketing products. 

Creditsafe have offices in Sweden, UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, USA and Italy. We also work closely with our partners in Norway, Denmark and Finland. Creditsafe’s Swedish head office is located in Gothenburg.

Vaimo customers using Creditsafe services: Doggie, HSB.

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