What do electric cars have to do with e-commerce? A whole lot!

Google images of Detroit… and Google images of empty malls in America… they look the same!

Why does Detroit look so empty? Because it is. People have left because the big traditional automobile companies are not building so many cars anymore…because they don’t keep up with what customers really want. The same happened with Nokia and it’s also happening to Microsoft now.

Compare that with Tesla, who build the coolest and fastest pure electric cars on the planet. With a range of over 400km and a 300km charge in 30 minutes, or even a 90 second! battery swop for a full charge and a fast growing network of supercharger stations throughout the developed world, Tesla is growing at a tremendous speed!

..so what does that have to do with e-commerce?

Last year 13 000 malls! closed in America. Malls - mind you - not shops! The reason for this? 

Traditional retail is under pressure. Consumers want the convenience of online shopping. Traditional barriers to online shopping, like slow delivery times are tumbling quickly. You can now have the (nearly) same instant gratification of impulse buying online as you can have in a superstore. Retail shops are changing to showrooms and depots to quick local deliveries…

No wonder so many malls close down in the States, they are no longer needed. 

This is part of the message conveyed to over 100 delegates at yet another free e-commerce seminar offered by Vaimo at the prestigious Gallagher Estates on Thursday last week, where Immo Böhm (MBA), Marketing Director of Vaimo SA showcased the latest trends in mobile online shopping.

Other sessions included Dr. Peter Fish who spoke on search engine optimisation and eMarketing, Adv. Liesl Briel who highlighted the latest developments regarding legal aspects of online shopping, as well as Charles Elliman from PayU, who spoke about payment gateways and developments regarding secure online shopping.

It was a great event with a lot of knowledge being shared with a very attentive audience, most of whom are starting to look at e-commerce as their next venture.

Vaimo is offering these free seminars to everyone in an effort to help build the e-commerce landscape in South Africa.

To sign up for the next event simply go to: http://www.vaimo.co.za/sa_event_registration/

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