Electrix chooses Magento. Vaimo got the deal!


  • Merchant:  Electrix
  • Industry: Stainless Steel
  • Magento Edition: Community
  • Base Engine: Innovate
  • Markets served: International
  • Project budget: 500 hours
  • Project plan: 22 weeks
  • Number of products: 2000


Why eCommerce?

Richard Thompson, Owner at Electrix:


“In Phase 1 of our project we, together with the help of Vaimo, are aiming to create a much improved web presence. Our customers are very used to “picking up the phone”, but with our current web presence we don’t leave them much choice and it is worrying to think of how many potential “web-savvy” customers we may be losing. We want to create a website that our customers (both old and new) will feel confident and comfortable using.”


Why did you choose Vaimo?


“We chose Vaimo to be our solution partner for a number of reasons. Firstly, the quality of their work is very impressive – both visually and functionally. Secondly, we were very impressed with their team from our face-to-face meetings earlier in the year. We feel we will be able to work together well and that we share the same aims. Thirdly, when meeting with other solution partners we found that they were only really telling us how good they can make something look. From our meetings with Vaimo, we are very impressed to see that they focus on functionality as much as aesthetics, and that they aim to build our website in a way that would work for our customers in the B2B world. Last but not least, their company has by far the most experience with business processes and ERP/MRP systems. This is important to our project, maybe not in the initial phases but certainly down the line. The other companies we spoke to only seemed to see a web-shop as another point of sale, where Vaimo see it as a Sales Person.”


Why did you choose Magento?


“We spent weeks researching the best eCommerce platform and it showed Magento was by far the most feature-rich and professional looking. One of our main aims was to find something that was easy to use. From the video demos we watched online coupled with the brief time we spent in the backend of Magento Community, it was clear it is a logical platform to get around.”

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