Engaging Customers Globally with Jack Daniel's

Our client, Brown-Forman, is the largest American-owned spirits merchants in the world, and currently sells its premium Jack Daniel's products in over 160 countries. However, the Jack Daniel's brand stays true to its roots and still distills, matures, and bottles the world-renowned whiskey in small-town Lynchburg, Tennessee for 150 years and counting. 

Brown-Forman began their eCommerce journey in the UK, where they wanted to ensure that their digital storefront brought together the rich history, traditions, and brand story to culminate in a truly immersive customer experience.

“Because it’s such an iconic brand, I think it’s really important that we consider that when we build the online experience—the [ecommerce] experience—so we don’t lose the whole reason why people identify with Jack Daniel's as a brand,” stated Martin Hjalm, Director of Global eCommerce at Brown-Forman

Vaimo created a content-rich, fully responsive storefront for Jack Daniel's UK that intricately weaves storytelling and engaging features while showcasing their premium product family. The new web shop is supported by the Magento Enterprise Edition and the Magento Commerce Order Management suite, resulting in a multi-site and multi-brand functionality that will easily allow Brown-Forman to scale and enter new markets. Click here to read our Jack Daniel's launch story, and watch their story below. Also, be sure to check Magento's article about the video here.

Vintage Taste, Global Market: Engaging Consumers Worldwide from Magento on Vimeo.


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