Magento Imagine 2016: Day 1

This year, thirteen Vaimoers are attending Imagine Commerce in Las Vegas, Nevada, Magento's huge yearly event that drew about 2,500 attendees this year to come together to learn, network, and gain new insight into the fast-paced world of eCommerce. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for live updates, and check our Blog for a new update every day on the different sessions and events taking place at Imagine Commerce 2016. This year, the conference is taking place at the Wynn Hotel.

                                                 Finishers of the Big Dam Run got a Magento medal


Magento's massive annual event, Imagine Commerce, got an early start on Saturday, April 9th, with the 4th Pre-Imagine MageHackathon, which included over 60 participants who got together to code on interesting new projects. This year, the event was hosted by Fabrizio Branca from AOE, and included, for the first time, a Docathon. For more information on this event, click here. Wilko Nienhaus, Vaimo's Head of Products & Tools, and Staffan Palopää, Vaimo's CTO and Co-Founder, flew in early to get their hands dirty with some hardcore hacking. These guys are troopers, since they both took a break from the Hackathon the following morning at 7AM to participate in.....


...the Big Dam Run! Yesterday, April 10th, featured several diverse events. The day kicked off with a very early team run that saw about 30 participants meet, bright and early, at 7AM to take a bus over to the Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail by Lake Meade, in Boulder City, Nevada. The trail follows an old railroad bed through three dramatically huge tunnels and ends at Hoover Dam, and the brave runners had a choice between a 5k and a 10k. However, if you went all the way over to the Hoover Dam and back to the bus, the round trip was about 13.5km (we were tricked into a longer run!). Since 2012, Wagento has organised this event for running enthusiasts at the Imagine event, and usually they have merged the run with another local running event. This year, alas, there was no event to join on Sunday morning, and we made our own! Luckily, the weather held up and the skies opened up just as the last runners were coming back in. It was an adventure and a team event like no other, with breathtaking scenery to boot. Find out more about the run here.

                             The run drew the largest-ever participation, with about 30-40 attendees

     Wilko Nienhaus, Staffan Palopää, Markus Åberg, and Renetta Kõrre from Vaimo attended the Big Dam Run

                                                 Lake Meade beyond the Historic Railroad Trail



In the late afternoon, the early arrivers at Imagine 2016 gathered for the largest community event of the week, with Magento executives, partners, and agencies coming together to enjoy refreshments and build new relationships. Lessons learned: don't forget your business card at a networking event! This opening event drew a huge crowd and featured several booths with businesses at the Wynn Hotel's Sunset Terrace.


                                  Thirteen Vaimoers travelled to Las Vegas for Imagine Commerce 2016



The afterparties of Pre-Imagine had Imagine participants enjoying more drinks and refreshments and gathering indoors. The Pre-Imagine Cocktail Reception featured Bronto, ROI Revolution and other retailers at the Tower Suite Bar at the Wynn, while the Pre-Imagine Kickoff Party saw Cogeco, Pier 1, Listrak, Silk Software and of course, Imagine attendees network together at the legendary La Cave at the Wynn. 

                                              Vaimoers enjoyed a nice chinese dinner after the preparty events



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