Meet Magento Russia 2015

On October 30th, 2015, Philipp Zhilin, a backend developer from the Vaimo Tallinn office, attended the Meet Magento Russia 2015 conference in Moscow, Russia. The conference was dedicated to introducing Magento 2, and discussing the new possibilities it offers (Magento 2 was officially released on November 17th, 2015). The keynote speaker was Ben Marks, a Magento evangelist from North Carolina, USA, who is a founding member of the Magento StackExchange site and the Magento Certification Advisory Board. Ben talked about how Magento 2 was developed and what is better about the brand-new version of the world-famous eCommerce platform.


First, Ben covered the improved admin of Magento 2, which offers better navigation, performance and is touch-friendly. Performance in general is upgraded; and since the core of Magento 2 is performance, the new platform includes performance testing during development and a performance benchmarking toolkit. The presenter also touched on the fact how the average web shop has several different integrations, and that's why Magento 2 includes enhanced integration features and functional and programmatic refactoring. 

The improved customisation feature of Magento 2 boasts new coding standards and new customisation mechanisms. What's more, upgrades also include a product roadmap, quarterly feature releases, and constant platform updates. According to Ben, testing is everything, and in Magento 2, untested code is incomplete code. 



There are also improved resources available from Magento. Magento U classes are available now, and is also up and running. M2 certifications are coming in 2016, and Magento is putting more emphasis on collaboration within the Magento community. It's also important to note that the development of Magento 2 happens against open repository, which means that community engagement is more needed in the form of potential features and fix pull requests, which is a revolutionary step in the right direction by the core team.

Read more about the Meet Magento Russia 2015 here and check out the videos here.


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