On the 20-21 of May Vaimo attended the Nordic eCommerce Summit 2014. It is a conference with an agenda full of interesting speakers, symposiums, an exhibition lounge and a gala night with awards. This year's theme was British eCommerce, which opened up with a great presentation by Siobhan Kos from IJP Design on the main stage.

Conclusions from The Summit

  • The summit had more visitors than in 2013
  • The summit was well organized, with a good venue (Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre)

The Presentations

  • A very good presentation from Siobhan Kos from IJP Design on Building A Brand With Active Ambassadors. Take a couple of minutes to watch it!
  • Fredrik Norberg from Fyndiq spoke about turning big data to personified marketing. Fyndiq have 2000 orders/day and a conversion rate of 3,7%. They decided to meet up with Postnord and use them for an analysis of the customers to get to know them even better. Not just gender, age, location etc. This analysis gave a much more detailed presentation of the customer, as to where they buy their food, which movies they like, what they like to do in their vacation etc. Amongst other things, Fyndiq learnt that they have a lot of customers that enjoy camping and therefore decided to market themselves on Powerful analysis and insight!  
  • An interesting presentation by Bobby Healy, from Car Trawler on knowing what will your customers do and how to predict the unpredictable with A/B testing
  • All presentations from Nordic Ecommerce Summit 2014 main stage can be seen here.


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