Nosto Ultimate Q1 Survival Guide

When the shopping frenzy of the holiday season comes to a close and January begins, online retailers will find themselves facing new challenges that 2016 brings. In January, revenue can drop an average of 40% from the peak of the previous month, and decrease to 20% less than the yearly average revenue in February. Naturally, any drop in revenue is composed of several different elements in varying degrees, and there's no cure-all. The best thing is to identify the factors individually and address them as early as possible to prepare for the inevitable decrease in shopping at the start of the year.

Nosto, a recommendation marketing engine, boasts close to 14,000 merchants using their services, and their analytical tools allow merchants to gain invaluable insight into the inner workings of the modern eCommerce store. Nosto polled their clients about the common obstacles they face after the festive season and found many similar issues. Nosto's in-house eCommerce Specialists developed The Ultimate Q1 Survival Guide to help tackle the revenue blues of the beginning of the new year. The whitepaper investigates 10 of the most prevalent issues and presents effective methods to overcome and avoid them, along with real examples of the strategies in use.

Nosto is one of Vaimo's ecosystem partners and several of Vaimo's clients, such as BAUHAUSBjörn BorgTop Streetwear and Tilbords are utilising Nosto.

Download the Ultimate Q1 Survival Guide now to ensure that you ring in the eCommerce new year right!



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