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Vaimo assists brands, merchants, and manufacturing businesses all over the globe increase and develop sales with the help of strategy, design, and technology.

We work in all sectors that directly and indirectly provide sales. The core of our offer is our eCommerce platform, which operates as a motor for all digital touchpoints that culminate in omnichannel – a seamless shopping experience anytime, anywhere, and any place.


We’ve got everything you need to make your shop achieve supremecy!

commerce B2C

Launch an online shop on the world’s leading commerce platform and give your customers something different.

commerce b2b

We deliver customised B2B solutions to grow your site into a B2B and/or wholesale business.

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Managing Orders

Manage your customer orders and inventory across channels to achieve unparalleled efficiency and profit.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Keep complex product information up-to-date in different channels and languages effortlessly and boost operational effectiveness.

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Business Intelligence 

Business Intelligence (BI) helps you to make smarter choices, quicker. With Magento BI you can analyse your top customers, products, and promotions to find new sales opportunities.

Our group has broad international experience with producing B2B & B2C Commerce, omnichannel, and mobile eCommerce solutions for businesses around the globe. Not only do we ensure your business succeeds technically, but also strategically. We deliver advisory and maintenance both pre- and post store launch.

OUR solutions cover IT ALL

We are more than just a service provider for your web store – we are your pilot and advisor in commerce. In addition to offering strategy, design, development, and cloud services for your online store, we continuously strive to help your digital business succeed.

digital Commerce strategy

We utilise data and analysis to help clients cultivate their companies and make smart choices based on precise goals and KPI’s. We help you navigate the path to sales and draft the strategy for a successful digital commerce business.

user experience and Design

After determining your eCommerce goals with our strategy team, we launch our creative process which unfolds in five parts – information architecture, interaction design, visual design, solution design, and prototyping.

Analysis & performance

We optimise web stores for optimal growth with our information and test operated method. By using systematic techniques and procedures that we’re able to replicate, we understand the unique key to your digital commerce success through research and testing.

Website development

We use the Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI) methods with a focus on automation to allow our web developers to automate mundane tasks and ensure that error-prone tasks are executed in a controlled fashion.

Mobile & applications

We develop and deploy responsive web stores and mobile applications that fit your customer needs. We assess your current mobile attributes and help to define and implement the leading mobile strategies and solutions that today’s consumers demand.

Omnichannel strategy

We’re not religious – in fact, we like to say we’re device agnostic, just like your customers. A consistent shopping experience online and offline spans devices, communication and sales channels and begins with seamless business processes.

Client services

Our experienced team of solution experts are there for you during all pre-agreed support hours. Vaimo offers support in different languages and in various time zones across the globe.

Adapted Management

We provide managed services customised according to your needs. We offer post-launch support such as maintenance that ensure your new commerce store continues to thrive.

CLOUD solutions

We offer full-range cloud services that are built in-house and tailored for running the commerce platform. Complete automation ensures faster deployment, shorter lead times, and fewer mistakes.

Our services

In digital commerce, the time to market is critical and reinventing the wheel for each of our clients is counterproductive. That’s why we offer the advantages of our extensive work in eCommerce to our clients in simple and effective Packaging, Frameworks, and Modules.


We will generally recommend a package deal for your commerce solution to set a starting point for you and our workforce. This lets us best plan and design the store you have envisioned.


We have developed a group of proprietary frameworks to improve and expand on Magento’s functionality and strenghts and thereby give you a competitive edge.


Every new element we develop is built as a module with the goal of making it generic and reusable in different projects. We have more than 500 tailor-made Vaimo modules in our resource library.

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