Since today's consumers move seamlessly between different devices throughout the day depending on the context, whether it being mobile phones (including mobile apps), tablets, laptops- you as a merchant need to offer seamless experience across devices. The amount of time consumers have or need, the goal they want to accomplish, their location, and the state of mind they are in, determine what device they use to interact with your brand.

If your website is not optimised for mobile, if you are not where your customers are 24/7, you are loosing out getting the attention of your market and loose the potential income.


The best is to start and look how your customers interact currently with your site. By analysing mobile traffic on your website, you can understand where the visitors are coming from, how long they are staying on the site, which devices they are using the most, and other useful data that is tracked within Google Analytics.

Your mobile strategy should focus on mobile-centric use cases.


We provide feature rich mobile commerce solutions based on Magento's mobile friendly platform which is designed to offer consumers an enhanced mobile experience. You will retain complete control and flexibility over the content of your website platform as well as its presentation and the functionality of your online channel. We can help to assess your current mobile properties and help you define and implement the cutting-edge mobile strategies and solutions that today's consumers demand. 

We have years of expertise and knowhow in developing both responsive sites and mobile apps. Depending on your needs and your goals for mobile shopping experience that you want to provide to your customers, we might suggest different routes forward.

Contact us to find out how we can help you to put together and implement a successful mobile strategy for your business based on industry best practices, based on where your company is at the moment and what point your want to reach with a designated time and budget.


We build web based and native apps for Commerce and omni-channel solutions (such as in-store-apps), and have launched multiple apps for our B2C and B2B clients. Our clients, like  MRP, HYLETE, Reserol, Ridestore and On Interiör utilise a diverse variety of apps (see below). 

It's cost-effective for us, and for our clients, to develop apps in front end, as it requires less testing and the environment is far more robust. If a third party were to build the app, it would require two backend systems, which would mean double the admin work. We integrate fully the app with Magento, meaning there are no additional backend systems required. 

Our native app framework contains a few components: 

  • a custom Magento integration, which is faster and more capable than the normal Magento API
  • a product boilerplate
  • a component library that we have pre-built with navigation components, such as checkout flows, that we can easily re-use. Reusability is higher in native apps because there are less moving parameters compared to the web. 

Apps, developed by Vaimo, are cost-effective for our clients- they drive sales, help with processes, and make shopping experience easier and seamless for the end customers. Apps will continue being an important part of Vaimo's omni-channel solution offering to deliver great and consistent user experiences across different channels. Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about our mobile app solutions.

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