Our approach to development is defined by our technical environment, our project management methodology and development process.

Our development approach from a technical point of view derives from the continuous integration (CI) concept and focuses on automation. This allows our developers to automate mundane tasks and ensures that error prone actions are executed in a controlled manner. We also follow the Continuous Delivery (CD) concept for software delivery, which is becoming best practice for web application development and is already used by major players such as Google, Netflix and Etsy.

With Continuous Delivery, all software changes pass through a delivery pipeline before being deployed to the production environment. To make this possible, all parts of the software are version controlled, any change to the software is automatically run through our build system where automated tests are performed. 

Every stage of the pipeline is trying to disqualify the build from being ready for production. By running every commit of source code through the delivery pipeline, we keep the units of deployment small which helps maintain project quality and helps us to find problems easily and fast. 

While Continuous Delivery as a practice allows deploying to production after every increment, we follow 2-week iterations (sprints), to allow for enough time to test and communicate changes clearly. We use the following combination of processes, roles and services for the development & planning of your projects.

Solution Architecture

Each of our delivery team has a system architect who is able to design & suggest solutions for even the most complicated projects.

  • Expert knowledge on Magento
  • System and application design
  • Creating sketches, models, user guides & prototypes
  • Communicating with clients, third party solution providers & other stakeholders

    Front end (implementation)

    Our front end developers are responsible for design implementation and front end development.

    • Implementing the architecture for all new sites
    • Depending on package: start page, product listing, products, checkout other CMS pages and CSS (cascading stylesheets)

      Backend (implementation)

      Our backend developers deliver custom solutions and backend development.

      • Responsible for the code in the solution
      • Following requirements specified by: System Architect, Technical Lead, UX designers
      • Custom application development 
      • Database development
      • Integrations

      Performance Optimisation 

      In everything we do, we fight hard to make our sites fly as quickly as possible. A fast load time is one of the most important parameters for a good user experience. 

      • Optimal use of Magento Full Page Cache
      • Markup and asset delivery optimisation
      • CDN and media server infrastructure
      • Minification and compression

      Read one of our white papers on performance optimisation 


      Our backend developers, working together with system architects, are brilliant at integrating the following eCommerce related business systems into the Magento platform. 

      • ERP, PIM, POS, CRM, 
      • Shipping
      • Payments
      • Warehouse Management

      Read more about integrations

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