Ozone Services Industries Pty Ltd (OSI) is a well known provider of a wide range of ozone solutions and ultra violet systems for commercial, industrial, and domestic markets in water purification and air purification and sewage treatment and effluent recycling in Southern and Central Africa. OSI also supply a range of ozone solutions for use in the Health and Wellness markets.


  • Merchant: Ozonize
  • Industry: Ozone Services
  • Magento Edition: Community
  • Base Engine: Activate
  • Markets served: South Africa
  • Project budget: 2 hours
  • Project plan: 1 weeks
  • Number of products: 120

Why eCommerce?

Bronwyn Ardé, Finance Administrator at Ozonize Service Industries: 

“We need to increase our retail sales to attain a regular monthly income. Online shopping does not involve employment of sales reps and marketing costs. If our sales are minimal the costs for hosting an online shopping site are also minimal. Our products are not known generally and advertising will have no success. So we also want to target internet users searching for ozone or UV as they will have heard of these by word of mouth.” 

Why did you choose Vaimo?

“Magento’s Gold solution partner Vaimo was recommended to us by a trusted source. An online article also announced Vaimo’s arrival in South Africa and we were able to choose from their range of products the one that suited our needs.” 

Why did you choose Magento?

“We were looking for a platform that offers a simple way of displaying products and selling them online. Magento offers flexibility and ease of use in a very cost effective way. We read that Magento is especially Search Engine friendly, and that is extremely important to us.”

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