PandaDoc Publishes Case Study About Vaimo


PandaDoc is an all-in-one software designed for sales teams that enables them to easily create, deliver and eSign quotes, proposals, contracts, and other sales documents. Vaimo was looking for a efficient, standardised documentation solution to use across our 12 offices in 9 different countries, especially as we have a large amount of proposals, contracts, and quotes being sent out to clients that sometimes exceed 100 pages per document. 

Over a year ago, we started using PandaDoc instead of Apple's Pages, which we were utilising to send out documents via EchoSign for signatures, and then sharing them with clients via Dropbox. Our previous process took a long time, and it was difficult to standardise company branding and terms across different offices. With PandaDoc, we are confident that everyone is using the same, up-to-date templates and content items, and we can easily keep track of who is sending out what. Now, we also better understand how our clients are interacting with our proposals through the handy analytics.

PandaDoc has helped us create transparency across Vaimo and has helped us establish an efficient and easy-to-use system for the whole company. We have a convenient content bank that provides pre-approved responses to questions clients may ask of us. Our templates are current and correctly reflect our brand, and above all, professional and streamlined. We have now ushered PandaDoc in to other departments within Vaimo, like Project Management, who also benefit from the efficiences and control that the software offers.

Read PandaDoc's case study about Vaimo here, and don't hesitate to contact the PandaDoc team here.



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