"Vaimo created a web shop that is 100% driven towards increasing conversion rates through the roof with a tailored user journey that allows our customers to effortlessly put together their Proactiv+ kits and check out on their mobile or tablets."

Sandy Pattisson

Systems and Operations Director at The Proactiv Company


The Challenge

Guthy-Renker’s Proactiv+ online shop was formerly based on hard-coded inflexible templates that affected the stability of the site. They wanted to move to a responsive-driven design to address a mainly mobile focused target group, improve the customer experience and make the site more easily manageable internally.

The Solution

Vaimo built the new Proactiv+ site from scratch after an initial migration to Vaimo’s infrastructure to improve site performance. The heart of the project was crafting a tailored, consumer-first user journey that easily leads shoppers through three simple steps to assemble their skin-care kits and reach a one-page checkout. While users used to begin their journey on mobile and switch to desktop before checkout, they now complete their transactions on mobile and conversion rates have soared as a result.


  • Unique user journey for the kit
  • Bundle production creation on fly
  • Vaimo CMS
  • Rich content
  • Integration with proprietary systems
  • Fully responsive
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