Vaimo South Africa is starting the year with a big drive to help South African businesses to start selling online.

We ask the question: “Why invest into e-commerce?” as we go into 2014.

As in all business ventures there are opportunities and threats in the e-commerce space. Some of the opportunities include a rapidly growing shopper base, more savvy online shoppers and a growing number of online shops. Payment gateways and Logistics have also markedly improved recently. E-commerce transactions are growing by 30% year on year in South Africa (source: World Wide Worx).

But what about the threats? Immo Böhm, Marketing Director at Vaimo SA, says that missing the bus is one of the threats - and that it will be very costly to dislodge the competition if they do e-commerce right. But the biggest threat is to become irrelevant to the consumer, with even the traditional brick and mortar store being under threat from shoppers that access the internet in store.

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