RapidCampaign is a smart tool for promoting online sales

RapidCampaign is a new, innovative sales tool to create smart, interactive promotions that drive visitors to become buyers. 

The smart promotions are a fun and smart way to combine gamification with your brand into an inspiring and engaging customer experience. With RapidCampaign’s Magento extension, the smart promotions can be targeted by e.g. shopping cart value to drive even better results. 

Why use RapidCampaign?

RapidCampaign is an easy-to-use tool to create interactive, gamified promotions to your webstore easily and quickly. Merchants using RapidCampaign are experiencing up to 10-15% more sales.

Our recipe for better sales is simple:

  1. Interactive promotions activate your visitors, up to 10 times better than static offers
  2. Targeted offers along the purchase path incentivise customers to stay and buy on your online store
  3. Smart rewards maximise redemption and tell you what makes your customers buy

RapidCampaign also provides you with insights into business-critical questions on which deals, rewards and offers drive sales most effectively. 

RapidCampaign smart promotions, targeting and analytics

RapidCampaign has a built-in gallery of gamified, interactive promotion types from wheel of fortune to scratchcards, image voting, surprise cards and more. All the promotions can be designed to match your brand look and feel, and embedded to your site to critical steps of the purchase funnel. 

You’ll be able to offer 2-8 different rewards or deals in one promotion, deliver rewards by probabilities or for example shopping cart value and use unique codes to manage reward redemption.

In the Scorecard, you can easily analyze the promotion performance all the way to conversion rate, average basket size and incremental sales.

Start driving more sales today with RapidCampaign!

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