Sharespine is providing system integration software and related workflow management within the e-commerce industry. Their core product, Sharespine, is used in e-commerce companies to ease the manual workloads and turning them into automatic workflows. A solid Java based system supporting both client side and cloud based installations.

Sharespine, Vaimo's partner, has integrated Magento with Mamut, Visma Administration and Visma Integration.

Mamut is a leading European provider of complete, integrated software solutions and internet services for small and medium sized companies. Mamut offers complete solutions at the best value for money integrating accounting, logistics, sales, CRM, e-commerce, e-mail, web hosting and security. Mamut has more than 400,000 customers in Europe. Mamut is part of Visma Group.

Visma is the leading provider of business software solutions and services for accounting and administration. As one of few suppliers yet to combine software and BPO, Visma has been a Nordic and European consolidator as the products and services have become increasingly popular among the company’s more than 340 000 customers.



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