Shoppimon Case Study about Vaimo


Shoppimon's Magento Monitoring Technology gives Vaimo the power to increase the performance of specific client sites. Shoppimon helps eCommerce businesses understand website performance and how it functions from the persective of the end user. With no integration necessary, Shoppimon will notify you about a range of issues to ensure that you can act before it affects your business.



Saving time and resources

Vaimo used to carry out manual checks to monitor the performance of some client's sites. As this was time-consuming and inefficient at times, Vaimo needed to find a solution that would:

  • allow them to find issues as fast as possible;
  • cut the time and resources being used;
  • clearly show the impact of site issues and the team's work on certain client sites.




Better business results

Vaimo implemented the Shoppimon technology on certain client Magento stores without integration. Vaimo's staff immediately began receiving real-time alerts on issues, and unlike other monitoring technologies, Shoppimon's software also shows how issues appear and how they affect the end user. Vaimo can address crucial issues instantly before they can impact clients' businesses.


"Shoppimon detects problems that can make a potential visitor leave our client's sites and affect its business results," remarked Peo. "It's a great, out-of-the-box service."

Brendan Peo, COO at Vaimo


Improved user journeys for Vaimo clients

Using Shoppimon's technology, Vaimo was able to greatly improve performance results for certain clients' eCommerce sites. Vaimo utilised the data provided by Shoppimon to illustrate the improvements over time to these clients and to also compare their store's performance to industry trends. One of Vaimo's clients saw their user experience reduced in time by over 50%, from 25 seconds to under 11. 


“After an easy code-free setup, Shoppimon helped us find and resolve website issues quickly by behaving like a site’s real end users. Their system also gave us the insights we needed when we needed them, so we met every client’s SLA requirements, and reduced the time and resources necessary to provide them with top site performance.”

Eugene Ivashin, Backend Developer at Vaimo


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