Successful Project Management with Magento

On July 27th, 2016, Magento hosted a webinar entitled "July Partner Accelerate Series: Successful Project Management." The webinar focused on project success factors, the importance of requirements gathering, and best practices in project management. 

Jill Finger Gibson from Digital Clarity Group spoke about the different elements of a successful project: value, project management, managing change, technical skills, and team relationship management. Jill pointed out that it was important for the clients to analyse whether they have the right people on their own team, and that they understand the scope and complexity of the project from the very beginning. She revealed that integration and security are usually underestimated by clients as being a complex part of the project. Jill also advised to ask an overload of questions about the legacy systems clients have, in order to understand the types of integrations that will be required.


Hillary Corney from Magento University talked about a course Magento offers: Requirements Discovery for Successful Magento 2 Implementations. The course is designed for business analysts, Magento partners, merchants, and product owners and it helps prepare and maintain requirements for a Magento 2 implementation that accurately reflects what a project is to achieve. Hillary explained that the course reviews and summarises the difference between native and custom functionality, and describes requirements and how to gather them. Hillary went over the course outline and showed various learning templates offered in the course.


Robin Garcia from Expert Consulting Group shared her thoughts about better containment and management of the project scope, and advised early identification and pro-active management of project issues and risks. Robin agreed with the other presenters that the requirements process is the foundation of a successful project, and talked about ways to prevent a client from underestimating the complexity of a project.

Check on Magento's webinar page in about a week to catch a recording of this webinar.


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