The Gothenburg Office Story - "A Close-Knit Team"


The Gothenburg office officially got on its feet in September 2011, when Tobias Sundgren was hired. Tobias, a Backend Developer, had created some Magento web shops for clients ever since Magento was in its beta version. When one of Tobias’ clients switched to Vaimo for their eCommerce needs, PJ Utsi, CCO at Vaimo, contacted Tobias for the handover process. At the close of the call, Tobias told PJ that if Vaimo should ever open an office in Gothenburg, they should give him a call, as he would love to work with Magento again. Two days later, Tobias received a delightful call, asking him if he would like to establish the Vaimo office in Gothenburg.

The first Gothenburg office was a small room in this building


Gothenburg Vaimoers take a break to play table tennis in their current office


Gothenburg’s first office was in an office-hotel called Bollhuset, in a building that used to house a water plant - Apotekarnes vattenfabrik. Tobias was alone in the office for half a year before he hired a second backend developer. In March of 2012, before a third person was hired, the Gothenburg team moved to their second office space, which was over 90 square meters and therefore, huge in comparison to the first space. This building was also previously an industrial space; namely, a yarn factory. The office featured a small kitchen area and one meeting room. By the end of the team’s stay there, the copy machine and a closet were also utilised as meeting rooms as the team expanded to include 10 people. Some of the first Gothenburg team members who are still at Vaimo today are Caroline Norin, Frontend Developer, Christian Trommestad, Backend Developer, and Patric Fredriksson, Frontend Developer. The Gothenburg Vaimoers bought a pinball machine for this office and a cutout of Harry Styles, that eventually got its own Instagram account.

The current office features a comfy corner to relax in


The team moved to their current office in May 2015, that is situated in an old printing factory. Visiting clients have enquired whether the building used to house a hospital, as the offices branch off from long, winding corridors.The team has burgeoned to 14 people, but the office space accommodates the number well, with 4 meeting rooms, a phone room, a kitchen, and a large open area for developers. The office is very close to the central station and offers a view over the trains and the motorway to Stockholm. The office features table tennis, the trusty pinball machine, beanbag chairs, and standing desks for comfort. Although Vaimo Gothenburg had the pleasure of designing the office from scratch, Tobias approved a few non-Vaimo elements that needed re-painting later, such as black doors.

The bright, white kitchen in Vaimo Gothenburg


 Christian poses with the office's long-time resident


The Gothenburg office is composed almost entirely of developers, save for one Project Manager and Quality Assurance Engineer. The team enjoys going out for beer after work, having barbecues, and breakfast once per week in the office. According to Tobias, he has promised more barbecues than he has hosted, but he vows to correct this in the future. The office reportedly has a cozy atmosphere, with a lot of communication happening throughout the day amongst developers. While Gothenburg itself is a more of an industrial city than Stockholm, the locals are reportedly “friendlier and more fun” than their Stockholm counterparts. The Gothenburg office loves welcoming Vaimo clients and showing them their Gothenburg hospitality. Go ahead and pay a visit to Vaimo Gothenburg and decide for yourself! Visitors may not get to see the Harry Styles cutout though - he reportedly goes into hiding during client meetings.

The team recently celebrated Tobias' birthday


 The view across the current office space 


The Vaimo mountains were up on the wall almost as soon as the team moved in


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