The Pulse of eCommerce 2015

The Vaimo team welcomed its clients, including Filippa K, Björn Borg, Paulig, and Fenix Outdoor, to the Vaimo Stockholm headquarters on September 24th for a day of learning, networking, and inspiration. This annual event for our existing clients, held for the 2nd year in a row now, is called the "pulse of eCommerce" and this time, the lineup featured Vaimo's goals, eCommerce trends, omni-channel capabilities and a captivating presentation by Erik Modig, a researcher at the Stockholm School of Economics. Erik's researches focus on advertising, the consumer's psychology of communication, and how branding and creativity affects business growth.

Pulse of Ecommerce 2015- Vaimo Stockholm


After starting the day with a light lunch, Brendan Peo, Vaimo's COO, took the stage and guided the audience through Vaimo's corporate vision and its mission of becoming the world's leading Magento Solution Partner.

Brendan Peo, COO of Vaimo


Brendan also highlighted the key ongoing projects, including WHD, Absolut Art, Konga amongst several others mentioned, and then he moved on to Vaimo's key target areas: client satisfaction and quality of work. Vaimo's client survey (NPS) recently conveyed the strong need for a singular point of contact at Vaimo in the event where a client needs help or wants to plan ahead. As a result, Vaimo created Solution Specialists department, who specifically focus on daily one-on-one support of the clients, where clients are divided amongst the solution specialists. We have also strengthened the organisation with a Quality Assurance team, which consists of dedicated testers who ensure top deliveries and further guarantee client satisfaction. Finally, we proudly introduced the Vaimo CMS tool which takes the editing of a site content running on the Magento platform to the next level.

Next, the spotlight fell on Håkan Jonsson, Vaimo's E-commerce Strategy Manager, who reiterated the fact that mobile is still the king, as apps are currently dominating the mobile web.

Håkan Johnsson, Vaimo Ecommerce Strategy Department Manager


He continued by describing the tailored smartphone experience, how retailers are beginning to explore social media selling and how merchants are embracing mobile payment solutions in favour of a seamless customer journey. Håkan pointed out that Facebook and Twitter have both recently jumped on the social media selling bandwagon and added "buy" buttons to their feeds. He also took us on a visual journey through the omni-channel experience and how to drive customers into stores. For example, the service Click & Collect enhances cross-selling in-store by offering free returns in the physical shop, where one is more likely to make an exchange rather than simply return the item. 

After a coffee break, a whirlwind by the name of Erik Modig took the stage.

Erik Modig

Erik took us on an intense journey through the human brain and described the interaction between the conscious and subconscious mind, and how we can alter people's minds and behavior. In regards to the different levels of engagement, he stated, “The more motivated you are, the more you will buy. Do not focus on super loyal fans. They will stay loyal no matter what, communicating almost exclusively with other loyals, rarely motivating others."

If you wish to dig deeper into the world of communication and the ways of our brains, pick up a copy of Erik Modig´s book: Control – Effective Communication and the Battle for our Thoughts (2015, in Swedish, to be released in English in the autumn of 2015).

Pulse of Ecommerce 2015- Vaimo Stockholm


The interesting, inspiring day turned into evening and some of our clients and a team from Vaimo headed for dinner to spend some extra quality time together.

To all attendees of the event, thank you for coming and we hope to see you again soon!



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