"We did an extensive research and discovered that one of the only solution providers who had prior experience working with our ERP system - Sage X3 - was Vaimo. After meeting the team we were confident that Vaimo could deliver a solution which follows TIMco’s unique requirements as a B2B business. They also came over to our head office in the UK to demonstrate that using the Magento platform is right for our type of business, the complexities we have to tackle and our chosen design structure. Vaimo’s team explained to us that there wouldn’t be many barriers for integrating Sage X3 with Magento - we put our trust in them and they delivered."

Rebecca Fortescue

Marketing Manager

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The Challenge

TIMco needed an eCommerce platform that could support the day to day complexities of their growing B2B business. The company wanted a new eCommerce solution which would handle every single customer’s unique pricing structure, discounts and carriage terms. They also needed real time data about about the stock, products, orders and new clients to sync directly into Magento, something their previous site didn’t do. It was very important to minimise reconciliation work and other manual data entry for the TIMco staff.

The Solution

Vaimo delivered a new eCommerce site where the design follows TIMco’s brand profile and accommodates an intuitive purchasing process to rationalise the full customer journey. Vaimo built custom integrations to make sure all the data in the Magento is always correct which helps improve the workflow of TIMco’s staff. An integration to stock management system meant that Magento pulls information from the stock management system and then pushes orders and other necessary information back. Similarly a fully fledged integration was built between Magento and TIMco’s ERP solution Sage X3, which supplies real-time data to allow stock, orders, products and customers be up to date in both systems. In order to support unique pricing rules they are being pushed from the ERP software into Magento and then to the stock management system.


  • Multi-store
  • Customised pricing structures with bespoke tiers and group setup
  • Bespoke regional carriage payment terms and minimum invoicing charges
  • Order lists for logged in customers
  • Multiple Integrations to Sage X3 ERP solution
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