Vaimo Autumn Kick-Off 2014

Here at Vaimo we have a tradition to start off Autumn with a bang. We believe that in order to stock up on energy and perform our best throughout the cold winter months in Europe, we need to come together for some inspiring talks, a lot of networking and a huge truckload of fun.

This time Vaimoers from our offices in Sweden, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Estonia, Finland, Norway and Denmark came together on Friday 5th of September at Bergendal conference centre for a two-day Autumn kick-off event - all together making up 113 of our total 160+ Vaimoers. 

After a quick breakfast and an opening speech from David Holender (CEO), who extended his welcome to the old and new Vaimoers from all over the world, it was time to hear some presentations. Pablo Ivulic introduced the new Solution Specialists department and Staffan Palopää with Andreas Hjelming took us through the past and the future of Vaimo's Development department. 

Shortly after, the floor belonged to PJ Utsi (CCO) who introduced the very talented (and influential) Robert Nyman.


Robert Nyman

Robert is a tech evangelist for Mozilla and an editor for Mozilla Hacks ( With a firm belief in Open Web and HTML5 as well as immense knowledge of the trends in mobile, he gave a gripping speech covering the topics of mobile trends, marketshare, revenue, developer climate and more. Also, heads up to all his fans - Robert’s thoughts can also be found on his personal blog ( and on Twitter (@robertnyman).

Mobile Benchmarking

During the afternoon workshop sessions - presented by Björn Gustafsson (“Performance”), Wilko Niehaus (“Products & Tools”), Brendan Peo (“Sales & Demo”), PJ Utsi (“Mobile Benchmarking”) and Dan Max with Torbjörn Lindblad (“Project Management") -  we had a chance to pick up valuable tips and tricks along with hearing about some of the new trends and directions in various fields.

Vaimo Group

Yes, you guessed it! This is us - 113 Vaimoers (out of 160, unfortunately not all could make it to the kick-off) perfectly aligned, cherub cheeked and determined, dressed to impress with nothing more to say but …“siiski?”. Time flies when you’re having fun and suddenly we found ourselves chatting away with new friends and catching up with the old ones in the bar area and later regrouping for dinner.

During the following three hours we had a nice dinner, managed to scheme a war plan for the sporting activities of Saturday, sing Happy Birthday to the two men of the hour (Pablo & Jevgeni) and shot questions at Vaimo founders David, PJ & Staffan.

What's a party with Vaimoers without some world class dance moves you ask? Indeed, from rocking the dance floor with our signature moves to singing “traditional” songs in the Native Sami Lávvu - we can do it all and more!

On Saturday morning all of the fabulous sport enthusiasts, sour losers and poor winners of the bunch - after getting the appropriate amount of sleep for functioning as a world class matador, footballer, runner and/or sumo wrestler - found themselves in their sporting shoes looking at a field filled with literally a truck load of fun. There were many great results that day and many obstacles overcome with teamwork but there could only be one winner - Team One Direction showed the necessary muscle strength, mind power and agility to win the tournament of this year’s Vaimo kick-off.

Vaimo Competition at Autumn 2014 Kick-Off

After lunch it was hard to believe that the time to say goodbye had already come. When the busses rolled in, to take some of us to the airport & harbour and others to their destinations in Stockholm, I was happy that my first week of working at Vaimo had been filled with so much excitement, learning and doing, but most of all - so many great welcoming people.



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