Vaimo CEO on How to Choose the Best eCommerce Platform

The American Webmasters Association recently published an article entitled "48 Experts Share Their Best Tip on How to Choose the Right eCommerce Software Platform," which included input from Vaimo's CEO, David Holender. The article acknowledged that with today's selection of eCommerce platforms, merchants are often left wondering which is the most appropriate for their specific business, both for today and tomorrow. The 48 eCommerce experts on the panel were asked to name their favourite eCommerce software platform, and then to justify their decision. The results were as follows:

Not surprisingly, our CEO decided to go with Magento: "I would have to say it’s Magento. It was our platform of choice when we started the business in 2008 and Magento has been 100% our focus since. We liked the fact that it was open-source, fully customisable, and it has allowed us to build many modules, deployment tools, hosting tools tied directly to Magento."

While many of the experts questioned will undoubtedly name the platform they represent or are working with, it doesn't mean there is one perfect platform for every merchant. Check out the full article to see why each of the experts voted for a specific platform.


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