Vaimo Content Management System - Simple Content Management on Magento

We Get It, We Get It - Content Is King

We’ve all heard the phrase “content is king” countless times, and we all understand that rich, mind-blowing content is the heartbeat of the modern online web store. Still, many merchants struggle with content management issues, when they should be focused on effectively weaving mesmerising content throughout their eCommerce site to attract customers.

Content’s got a re-occurring role at every stage of online sales. You acquire visitors to your store by providing content for the search engine, a story in a Facebook post, or an image in Instagram. You convert your visitors to customers by displaying attractive content on your site that tells a story about the brand, shows products in a collage, or displays stimulating imagery. Finally, you attract your customers to return with fresh content on relevant channels. Content is the key throughout, and not just great content - but new, regularly updated content.


Magento Users and Content

Now let’s focus on you, Magento platform users. If the thought of changing out an image in the slideshow on your start page requires strong coffee and pain killers, chances are that your content management is pointlessly difficult. Your online store needs a CMS that’s implemented with care, that’s simple to use and that's just right for you. Perhaps a few special functions should be added to make it right for your store, instead of slapping a standard CMS on to your server. Sounds almost too easy, right?

If you’re not the one directly working with your content, you’re still going to want to save time and money. Think about the best-case scenario if you were handing a content manager the tools to work with on your store’s content. You would want the CMS user in question to have an easy-to-use system that doesn’t grant them the freedom to mess up (easily, at least). You want your CMS to be simple to use, so there’s no need to spend time, effort and resources on training users. Unfortunately, although Magento is a very strong, robust eCommerce platform, the standard, out-of-the-box Magento CMS presents some challenges for the end user.


Here’s a few standard Magento CMS issues that you may be facing:


The content images have no natural “home” in the Admin Panel, and the content is disconnected from Category Management. In the front end, the content is part of the site structure and the site map, but the elements are severed in the Admin Panel.


Hard to Use

While the catalog is always one click away in the Magento backend, the CMS mandates multiple interactions in different, somewhat hidden sections. It’s challenging to remember the different locations and steps to carry out in order to edit one piece of content.


WYSIWYG and Drag & Drop

The Admin Panel in Magento looks very different from the front end and it’s tough to rearrange and resize content. In the Admin Panel, you never quite get the correct styling of standard elements, like titles, paragraphs, lists, and links. Ideally, you want to work in true WYSIWYG mode, and easily drag and drop blocks of content and rearrange and resize images.



Standard Magento does not support multiple screen sizes and devices when you’re knee-deep in content editing and want to see your work before you publish.


Preview, Publish, and Rollback

It’s quite cumbersome to review content before publishing, and there’s no version control of individual blocks. Those blocks are having a party, and you are not invited!


Luckily, Vaimo’s got just the fix for your CMS challenges in Magento.

The Vaimo Content Manager

In February 2015, Vaimo launched a revolutionary Content Management system for the Magento platform, that allows easy drag-n-drop building of pages on the front end - edit rich content (images, videos) and combine Magento data (stored as widgets (products, slideshows)) to build rich and dynamic content pages. And it also supports multi-store and multi-language. Lets take a look at the functionality a bit more in detail.



The content pages are managed in the Category Tree and the start page is the category root. Easy, right? It’s all available there, no searching around required. With Vaimo CMS, editing content doesn’t have to be a scavenger hunt.


Easy to Use

Your CMS is just one click away - as soon as you click on a category, a green button takes you to the CMS page.


WYSIWYG and Drag & Drop

The Vaimo CMS allows you to edit your content in the frontend and rearrange, resize, drag, and drop to your heart’s desire.



Vaimo CMS is fully responsive - feel free to check that new campaign on your phone and tablet before you release it to the hungry masses.


Preview, Publish, and Rollback

Vaimo CMS allows pages to have both a preview and publish mode, and automatic version control of the individual blocks. No more lost work, and no mistakes published - you’re in the driver’s seat.

But wait - there's more!

What are Vaimo clients using the Vaimo CMS for?

Vaimo’s clients mostly utilise this tool to easily rearrange their start pages without our help, and without having to spend money to re-develop anything. Our clients can implement a new campaign or completely change their start pages on the fly. You can effortlessly test if a new campaign works in a staging environment or at the preview stage, and check how it will look before publishing the new content. You can even test it across different devices to make sure it will work responsively.

The Vaimo CMS framework is so much more than a module. We call it a framework because it’s literally an extension of the Magento product framework. You can search, associate, categorise and do all sorts of things to a product in Magento; we simply took this same framework and applied it to content. Our clients can now treat content like they deal with products. Here’s the breakdown of the three components of the Vaimo CMS:


Editorial Article Module

This bit extends the Magento framework and treats content like a product. Simple.


CMS Module

The CMS Module allows you to work freely with your content on a page anywhere on the site - whether it’s your front page, a category page, or a hidden page. This module is specifically built to allow easy work with dynamic and static content and features widgets and static blocks.


Menu Module

This is a great flexible tool that deals with the navigational framework on the site. Normally, the menu is rendered straight from the Category Tree in Magento. Our module allows you to work with the menu and add CMS components to the menu - such as photos in a drop-down menu. This really does something special for the look and feel of the site, and adds inspiration to the navigation.


Who's Using It?

Some of Vaimo’s clients who are using the Vaimo Content Management System are Jack Daniel’s, Agent Provacateur, Marimekko, Hylete, Absolut Art, JC, LSA International, Dr. Denim, Frank Clegg Leatherworks, and Victorian. To find out more about our Content Management System, contact us today!





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