Vaimo Enters Into A Strategic Partnership With transcosmos, One of Asia's Largest Ecommerce Companies

Vaimo and transcosmos today announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership. Within the partnership transcosmos has also made an investment in Vaimo. For Vaimo’s clients the partnership means that they now get a gateway into the Asian eCommerce market, which is the fastest growing eCommerce market in the world, while transcosmos’ clients will get access to Vaimo’s extensive Magento experience.

Vaimo, one of the leading global full service eCommerce solution providers on the Magento platform, has grown at a very high pace, from three people to almost 200 employees in 8 countries, since the start of the business seven years ago. The deal with transcosmos, making them a minority shareholder, strengthens Vaimo’s already strong financial situation and opens up for a continued rapid expansion of 30-40 per cent on a yearly basis. Vaimo’s ultimate goal and vision – to become the world’s leading Magento solution provider– is shared and supported by transcosmos. Vaimo was awarded with the 2015 EMEA Ecommerce Partner of the year award by eBay Enterprise and they are amongst the top 10 Magento solution partners in the world. 

“We are very excited and proud to announce the partnership with transcosmos. Firstly, it gives us the possibility to continue to grow at a fast pace organically or, if the opportunity arises, via acquisitions. Secondly, it strengthens our offering towards our clients as we now, via transcosmos, can support them in all aspects when entering the fast-growing, but complex, Asian eCommerce market. Finally, we can take advantage of transcosmos’ network to generate more business”, says David Holender, CEO of Vaimo.

transcosmos, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, was founded in 1966 in Japan, and has since then expanded throughout Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. The company currently has more than 35 000 employees in 18 countries around the globe. transcosmos offers end-to-end solutions, including developing eCommerce sites, marketing, customer care to manage warehouses and logistics, for eCommerce merchants wishing to enter Asian market. 

"For many of our clients, the Asian market is highly attractive, but hard to understand and reach. With the help of transcosmos we can accelarate with our own global expansion plan, that has been one of Vaimo’s main strategies. And via transcosmos we can offer the support, knowledge and connections to our new and existing clients for them to take the big step and enter the Asian market,” says David Holender.  

As a result of the investment, Vaimo will expand the board with two new board members from transcosmos. The management of Vaimo will be unchanged, and the daily operations are not affected by the partnership. The new board members bring extensive knowledge of the Asian and global eCommerce market, which will be very beneficial for Vaimo in its continued global expansion.

"I am very pleased we have signed the strategic partnership with VAIMO as part of our business expansion into the European market. Through this partnership, we are able to expand our company's range of services to our clients who are looking at expanding their eCommerce business into the European market.  At the same time, we will now be able to provide eCommerce expansion support service to Vaimo clients entering the Japanese, Chinese, and South Korean markets. VAIMO has 7 years of experience developing eCommerce solutions on the Magento platform with more than 400 launched eCommerce sites in their portfolio,” says Mr. Masataka Okuda, COO & president of transcosmos inc.


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transcosmos launched operations in 1966. Since then we have combined superior “human resources” with up-to-date “technological” capabilities to enhance the competitive strength of our clients by providing them with superior and valuable services. transcosmos currently offers Cost Reduction Services (Contact Center, HR/Financial/Sales Back Office, Order Management/SCM, System Development/Management etc.) and Sales Expansion Services (Big Data Analysis, Internet Advertising, Website Construction/Management, Smartphone/SNS Utilization, Telemarketing etc.). transcosmos continues to pursue operational excellence by providing these services through our 141 locations in 25 countries with a focus in Asia. Furthermore, following the expansion of E-Commerce market on the global scale, transcosmos provides a comprehensive, one-stop global E-Commerce service to deliver our clients’ excellent products and services to consumers in 45 countries. transcosmos aims to be the “Global BPO Partner” of our clients to provide them with high quality BPO services on a global scale.

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