Vaimo Goes to UX Riga 2016

An early morning flight is not something you would normally look forward to, but if you've got something cool on the other end waiting for you, like a UX conference - it's not so bad! Alexey Rodyukov, UX Designer and Frontend Developer from Vaimo Tallinn, traveled to Riga, Latvia, on Feb 25th for UX Riga 2016. Alexey was excited by the event, but he most looked forward to the eCommerce portion of the day - a special workshop hosted by Vitaly Friedman (Smashing Magazine): "Smart eCommerce Checkout Design Patterns."

Eric Reiss took the stage first, and delivered a dynamic and highly entertaining speech on “UX Strategy:”

  • User experience is the sum of a series of interactions between people, devices, events 
  • Define your UX goals 
  • Do your research 
  • Think in broader terms, not only about online

The second speaker was Marc Stickdorn, who spoke about "Customer Journey Mapping and UX Research." A few good ideas from speaker Leah Ryz about "Strategy and Tactics" were:

  • Everybody should be in on the UX design in the team, not only one person 
  • What's the problem, and do we really need to solve it? 

Maciej Plonka presented on "Experiences and Expectations should be Equally Well Treated." After lunch, the attendees finally approached the parallel workshop sessions, and Alexey took the following key points from the eCommerce-related workshop given by Vitaly Friedman:

  • Provide estimates - it's better than a surprise with hidden costs (shipping) 
  • Define what goes into the price 
  • Give price in local currency 
  • Email verification right before payment, not when creating an account 
  • Keep call-to-action at the bottom on mobile, because all major interactions are done with the thumb 
  • Don’t request the shipping address twice - just confirm if it's correct 
  • Hide the promo-code input 
  • Always add the “lock” icon to enhance trust and sense of security 
  • Free shipping is important 
  • Offer a timed deal
  • Provide an incentive to check out right now - "Check out now and we'll give you a 5 dollar discount + free shipping!" 
  • People love deals - "Click here to continue with deal!" 
  • Show popup with a coupon code to help visitors decide to check out
  • Set price in the middle - not too cheap, but not too expensive
  • Set shopping cart recovery emails for 2 hours after visit - and provide special offer

Avi Itzkovits spoke about "Designing Screen-less Experiences," rather than concentrating only on different interfaces.

An after party followed the event that featured a local rock band - which meant you had to raise your voice if you wanted to network! Please note that the photos in this blog post are from the official Riga UX 2016 Facebook page. Click here to see more!


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