Vaimo Tallinn Hosts Tech Sisters Event


On November 24th, 2015, Vaimo welcomed the Tech Sisters into the Tallinn office for an event that sold out almost immediately. The Tech Sisters is a non-profit organisation in Tallinn, Estonia, that aims to spark interest in women to become involved in the IT field. The organisation believes that diversity is crucial in developing new technological solutions and encourages individuals to leave their comfort zones and experiment with IT-related interests and careers. The Tech Sisters evolved from Rails Girls in Helsinki that began in 2010 and spread to Estonia in 2012. While Rails Girls is focused on Ruby on Rails, Tech Sisters wanted to take a broader approach and include the whole field of IT. 


The event in Vaimo featured four speakers. The evening began with Katrin Peo, Vaimo's Marketing Manager, taking the stage and introducing Vaimo as a company and sharing how we provide top-of-the-line eCommerce solutions. She also talked about the brands we work with and what industries Vaimo is involved in. Katrin finished by showing an overview video of Vaimo that was made for the European Business Awards, which Vaimo was nominated for this year as the National Champion of Sweden. The video will be available for public view in December 2015.

The next speaker was Anneli Nienhaus, a Project Manager at Vaimo. Anneli talked about the benefits of traveling for work, and how to optimise the experience. She also talked about her background, and how she became involved in working with an IT company without having direct IT experience. 



Kersti Renzer Uudla addressed the audience next. As the Director of Estonian Business School High School in Tallinn, she shared the top ten reasons why someone should study IT. Kersti mentioned how in our modern job climate, it's an incredibly positive thing that IT jobs don't seem to be going anywhere. Along with job security, she mentioned diversity and freedom in different areas of IT, and how the skills and logic will help in other areas of your daily life as well.

Finally, Kriss Eglite, the creative mind behind New Vintage by Kriss jewellery in Estonia, closed off the evening with a mesmerising presentation about how she became inspired to create her company, and how her website has developed over time. Kriss shared how her new website is designed to showcase not only her products, but also her brand and the related stories. She reiterated how important it was to have a social media presence in addition to a web shop, in order to draw customers to the site. She inspired audience members with the story behind her brand; Kriss did not study jewellery design, but started creating pieces for herself. To this day, she designs her minimalistic, unique jewellery for herself, and she believes this is what attracts customers to her line.


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