Vaimo in Top 20 Most Promising eCommerce Solution Providers List by CIO Review



In the January 2016 issue of CIO Review, the magazine focuses on eCommerce solutions, and for this issue, they conducted a survey to compose a list of the 20 most promising eCommerce solution providers in 2016 - and Magento and Vaimo are amongst them! The magazine features Magento's CEO, Mark Lavelle, on the cover, Vaimo as the Company in Focus and a two-page article on Vaimo. The article features an interview with Vaimo's CEO, David Holender. The selection is based through careful evaluation of Vaimo's various specialities offered through our full-service eCommerce solutions on the Magento platform. CIO Review's annual list of top tech companies is determined by a board of experts and members of CIO Review's editorial board that recognise and award best practice and growth. Vaimo was chosen after being analysed across several quantitative and qualitative elements. The judges based their decision on Vaimo's experience, recognition within the industry, certifications and awards, market presence, and positive customer reviews. Vaimo continues to break new ground and thereby benefits its clients. CIO Review is proud to choose Vaimo this year based on our continue excellence in delivering the best technological solutions. Read the full article here.


About CIOReview

CIO Review is an American business and technology magazine that is aimed at CEOs, executives, and business leaders. The magazine has over 70,000 subscribers in the United States. CIO Review focuses on identifying “The Best” in a various areas relevant to the technological industry. The editors of the magazine choose the top candidates in different areas through consultations and nominations with industry leaders. The E-Commerce Special Edition is an annual edition of the 20 Most Promising E-Commerce Solution Providers in 2016 in the United States. For more information, visit the website.


About Vaimo

VAIMO was founded in 2008 on values of quality, speed and excellence through which we have become one of the world's most appreciated experts in eCommerce on the Magento platform. We help online retailers across the globe achieve eCommerce success on the Magento platform. We have successfully deployed more than 400 eCommerce solutions. Contact us for more information.







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