Vaimo's Client Klick: A Magento and Dynamics NAV Integration to Write Home About

Estonian business IT magazine, Äri-IT, recently published an article about our client, Klick, one of the largest electronic chain stores in Estonia. Vaimo deployed Klick's new web solution on Magento Enterprise in December 2015, and the article details their eCommerce journey and the lessons learnt along the way. The article is available here in Estonian, on page 44. Äri-IT is distributed by one of the largest and oldest IT companies in Estonia, BCS Itera. The full article in English continues below.

Klick, an electronics shop dedicated to laptops and mobile phones, entered the Estonian market in 1996 and has grown to one of the leading electronics store chains in the country. Today there are 23 Klick shops in Estonia, and the company credits its growth to its continued focus on offering top quality brands and a wide selection of electronic products.

While Klick is the market leader in laptop sales, their product selection ranges from smartphones to toys and the chain is proud to offer their clients an option to shop online in addition to their physical stores.

Before the electronics chain decided to upgrade its digital storefront, their web solution was running on Magento Community eCommerce platform. Klick chose Magento because the well-known, open-source platform is well established, supported by a vast community worldwide, and is not only scalable, but flexible to customise as per your specific online store requirements. For example, if Magento’s API does not cover all the needed requirements, it can easily be extended.

However, Magento’s Community Edition does not feature integrations, and consequently, Klick staff members performed updates manually in both the backend system and in Magento, which became impractical as the business grew. When Klick decided to enhance their web presence with Vaimo as their eCommerce solution provider, they decided to move to Magento Enterprise, the advanced edition of the platform that offers multiple ways to perform integrations. Klick wanted to minimise the manual work they were doing and to introduce a light and stylish web design that was both responsive and easy to maintain. Because of Magento’s flexibility with integrations, BCS Itera, or any ERP house can easily utilise Magento API or custom-built integrations.

It’s essential to note that when building integrations, it’s not only about the technical details; first, the business priorities and goals need to be established by both parties. According to Vaimo, it’s vital to hold a tight discovery phase covering both teams; in this case, Klick, Vaimo, and BCS Itera held multiple discovery sessions, with several integration data workflows per day and per workshop. The teams created a clear agenda beforehand, and only then delved into the technical work.

BCS Itera had collaborated with Klick beforehand, and was heavily involved in the discovery phase of the project. The ERP house built new APIs to the ERP system, and still handles and provides support for Klick’s ERP system. BCS Itera rapidly implemented new web services on their end, and Vaimo then based Klick integrations on an exclusive integration base module.

Klick’s former eCommerce solution showed that software is just one factor of a successful online store, and that implementation and support is paramount.

Vaimo created a new responsive storefront that’s simple to maintain, and packed with features designed to enhance the customer experience. Klick’s product data is complex, with a large amount of attributes, and an immense effort was put into ensuring that the end user finds it easy to compare products and features.

Several integrations ensure that it’s easy for Klick employees to edit content, manage marketing campaigns and update products. An integration with ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV regulates products, orders, and stock levels, while an integration with leasing (part-pay) modules Uno + Elion, with Uno integrated with a digital signature service, ensure personal security. The web shop includes localised Estonian bank links, EstCard, and prepayment methods, along with localised Estonian delivery methods, which include Smartpost and Omniva Courier.

Because the electronics chain’s product data is rich with details and attributes, Vaimo took special care to make sure the end customer can effortlessly compare products and features. Vaimo also built Klick a customised store locator that would draw Klick’s online visitors into their physical shops. Additional features include the Vaimo Content Management System and Klevu Search.

Finally, a knowledgable customer project manager who understands the company’s eCommerce vision is a key ingredient to a highly successful eCommerce project. Klick’s strong product owner has a deep understanding of eCommerce, Klick’s ERP system, and Magento, and conveyed the retailer’s vision to Vaimo and BCS Itera clearly. Vaimo was able to deliver integrations rapidly as a result of the rich experience and efficient collaboration with BCS Itera. Klick continues to work with Vaimo and BCS Itera to enrich and maintain their digital storefront.


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