Vaimo's Employees of the Year 2015


Vaimo has established a tradition over the past couple of years to vote for Employees of the Year, who are usually 5-6 individuals across all of the Vaimo offices in 9 countries. In December 2015, the voting was opened and all Vaimoers could vote for 3 people and add motivations as to why they should be an Employee of the Year. This was a great chance to reflect on colleagues who have really gone the extra mile and who are memorable for us in an especially positive way. The only catch? The winners from last year can't win 2 years in a row.

First off, let's take a look at our past winners:





This year, the organiser of the Awards, Heidi Holmström, noted that the most important factor that showed up in all of this year's winners' comments was successful cooperation between individuals across different Vaimo offices, countries and cultures. While working at Vaimo, it's crucial to have drive, motivation, and a great work ethic; but it's equally important to be a strong team player, and to really benefit your team mates with knowledge and support. The prizes for all winners are special vouchers that allow the Vaimoers to pick any training event they want to attend.

Our winners this year are Behnam Shayani, Tatyana Vinograd, Viktor Mercil, Roland Glukhov, and Elvin Risti


Behnam, Viktor, and Tatyana are congratulated by PJ Utsi and Staffan Palopää in the Vaimo Stockholm headquarters


Elvin, who previously won Employee of the Year in 2012, holds a bouquet in the Vaimo Tallinn office


Looks like Roland managed to put his flowers in a vase already - so quick!


The cake in the Vaimo Stockholm office


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