Vaimo Supports Efforts to Stop Climate Change


Vaimoers are happy to support those in need. As a yearly tradition during the holiday season, Vaimo aims to give back and donate funds to worthy causes. This year, Vaimo has decided on behalf of its staff to send aid to an organisation (World Wide Fund for Nature) that makes an effort to prevent climate change and helps take care of the planet Earth we all call home.

World Wide Fund is the world's leading conservation organisation, with over 50 years of work towards protecting the environment. The WWF operates in 100 countries and is backed by 1.2 million members in the United States and almost 5 million worldwide. The organisation merges its global reach with a foundation in science and initiates action at every level from local to global. WWF produces unique solutions that help both people and the environment they live in.

WWF's goal is to build an equitable low carbon economy by 2050, that is adaptable to adjust to the inevitable changes in climate. The WWF is dedicated to leading efforts to keep the warming of global temperatures below 1.5°C (compared to 1850). The environmental organisation focuses on climate policy and low carbon development, clean energy, forest conservation, and climate business engagement. 

The WWF's work to accomplish a better future climate includes:

  • Promoting a brand-new international climate agreement
  • Supporting energy efficiency, which is the fastest and cheapest way to decrease CO2 emissions
  • Advocating renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal power
  • Preventing greenhouse gas emissions caused by deforestation
  • Creating and promoting climate change adaption procedures to protect the most vulnerable people and environments
  • Working with businesses to assist them in setting up science-based goals for decreasing their greenhouse gas emissions


To support the WWF's efforts to bring about positive changes in our world, Vaimo has donated 6400 euros to the invaluable organisation. To find out how you can also support the effort to stop climate change through donating to WWF this holiday season, please find out more here.




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