Vaimo took part in the JavaScript Conference Nordic.js

The two-day JavaScript conference Nordic.js was held last week at Södra Teatern in Stockholm. It was the second time the conference took place and like last year, it was a sold out event. Vaimo was one of the sponsors this year and we had our own display area where we could meet and talk with developers. We think it is important to support these kind of events around our own area which the whole developer community can benefit from. Tobias Åström, Tobias Wiking, Andrey Golovin and Oskar Mothander from Vaimo attended the conference.

It was a powerful line-up with 14 prominent speakers, which included representatives from Google, Mozilla, Github and Microsoft. A big shout-out goes to Confetti for organising a great event! According to Tobias Åström, what these two days confirmed for us that we can do everything in a millions different ways, but what’s really important is simplicity, cohesiveness and that we build sites/applications for users, not browsers. Here are the topics that Tobias Åström found especially useful:

Bert Belder - Keynote: There are no Promises in node.js
This was an interesting talk about how to succeed with an open source project. Also it featured some light node.js backstory.

Jakob Mattson - Forgotten Funky Functions
This talk questioned why we should use heavy libraries when we have all we need in “native” JavaScript.

Alice Bartlett - Bin your <select> Tags
We wanted to hear more about her experiences on user testing. We found this to be a very light talk on their very extensive user testing for

Franziska Hinkelmann - A Trip to the Zoo: SpiderMonkey, SquirrelFish, Nashorn, and V8
This topic was on JavaScript engine optimization. Tobias Åström was disappointed that the talk did not include as many "cute animals" as promised at the beginning.

Jake Archibald - Modern Progressive Enhancement
Great talk on a great subject (and also really entertaining).


All talks should be available in the near future on YouTube.


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