Vaimo Visits PyCon Sweden 2016

On May 9th-10th, 2016, Technical Leads Pierre Dahlström and Magnus Eriksson visited PyCon Sweden 2016, a 2-day conference that focuses on the programming language, Python. This was the third annual PyCon and it’s organised by Python Sverige.

We've paraphrased what Pierre and Magnus took from the event:

Talk: HTTP/2 and Asynchronous APIs

Davey Shafik, a developer from Akamai, talked about HTTP/2 and how it can be utilised for increasing speed, especially when it comes to APIs. It was interesting to get a brief introduction into the different new techniques that HTTP/2 brings, and how some “hacks,” like the merging of CSS and JS, will no longer be necessary when transitioning to HTTP/2. When it comes to RESTful APIs, it's possible for the server to push more information to the user during one request.

Let's Encrypt and the Challenges with Wildly Heterogenous Deployment Environments

Developer, Joona Hoikkala, showed how to use Let’s Encrypt to setup https for domains on a server in an automatic way, which is a huge step forward compared to how it works today. It looks promising, but there was one obvious worry point: how to ensure that Let’s Encrypt will be used for a prolonged period, not a tool that will be dropped suddenly. Joona reassured the audience that they have a number of big sponsors behind them, like Google (Chrome), Facebook, and EFF, and they plan to keep the tool around for a long time. In fact, their motto is to encrypt 100% of the web.

A Better User Experience in the Command Line

Ruben Orduz's talk was compelling for Vaimoers because of our Aja command line client. Their main takeaway from the talk was that Vaimo is doing a lot of things right, at least according to the points Ruben brought up, but that we can improve some aspects like logging. 

Luigi, Task Orchestrator and Workflow Definition Language in Python

This talk by Uldis Barbans got the Vaimoers inspired about the tool; one can see the tool as a framework to write and execute recurring tasks. Pierre remarked that he would like to get his hands dirty, because he sees some potential use cases.

Guided by Tests: What Your Unit Tests Can Tell About Your Design

Our Vaimoers found that during Joakim Karlsson's presentation, there were many other developers who encounter the same problems we do and participants discussed viable solutions. Overall, our Vaimoers felt that the conference was time more than well spent and our two Technical Leads came back freshly inspired.



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