The ethos behind IJP Design is to create high quality, funky and distinctive apparel that fuses functionality with fashion, letting you reflect your own personality and style. Ian James Poulter, one of the world’s top ranking golfers, launched his own sports fashion clothing brand, IJP Design in 2007. He says that looking good and playing well go together. IJP brand philosophy is to ‘lead with the legs’ by designing the trousers first and then coordinating the rest of the outfit around them.


  • Merchant:  IJP Design
  • Industry: Apparel
  • Base Engine: Innovate
  • Markets served:  International
  • Project plan:  12 weeks
  • Number of products:  200

Siobhan Kos, Ecommerce Manager at IJP Design:

“The competition is fierce amongst online golf apparel retailers. Our current webshop lacks functionality and the look that really makes it stand out. We want to grow our online revenues significantly and offer to our online store visitors a shopping experience that really is unique and special.”

Why did you choose Vaimo?

“Having personally experienced working on a successful eCommerce project on the Magento platform with Vaimo in the past, I was confident that we would create an exceptional showcase for IJP with the help of Vaimo. IJP Design wants something that stands out from the crowd, like the company ambassadors and we are confident that Vaimo can help achieve what we want for our web store.”

Why did you choose Magento?

“I have had experience with Magento for couple of years already and really like the platform. Longevity was key in our decision making process and I believe Magento is a future-proof choice for an organisation. Also the fact that Magento is owned by Ebay, was a big advantage, specifically since selling on eBay is one of our key selling channels.”

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